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What is home to you?

I was asked this question recently, and it led to a lot of reflection. This week, home was spending time with my husband and most of my children, even though we were in a place none of us had been before. Home has meant different things at different points in my life – the house that I grew up in where my father was also raised, a hug from my mom, a favorite meal made by my uncle or mother-in-law. As I have gotten older, many of these things are gone – the house was sold, my parents, many aunts and uncles and in-laws have passed away. I still have some favorite foods that remind me of home, but somehow it is not the same when I have to cook. But one thing takes me home in a second – a quilt. The Dresden plate shown here is from one of a pair of quilts that my Grandma Ella made with her mother and sisters. I wore out one of the pair with constant use in high school and college. As soon as I touch it, I am at home. I feel Grandma Ella’s love and remember everything she taught me. Over the years, I have made and gifted many quilts. I hope they convey my love and become a source of comfort to those I love. That is one of the best blessings I can offer you as a quilter – may your quilt become the essence of home!

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