Today I got notification about my QuiltCon entries. Last year, I submitted two quilts for two different shows. The one I thought would be accepted, AnteMeridiem, was rejected for QuiltCon2020.

Ante Meridiem – Original 2019

The one I entered as a lark, Tree of Life, got accepted for American Quilters Society Lancaster show. Unfortunately, COVID-19 cancelled that show, so while it was accepted, it was never shown.

Tree of Life – Original Design 2019

This year, I submitted four quilts to QuiltCon. Which Way? was my entry for the Modern Quilt Guild 2021 Fabric Challenge.

Which Way? Original Design 2020

I’m not in love with this quilt and I’m not at all upset that it was rejected. In fact, I would not accept it. The spacing is off. I had a great idea, but couldn’t execute it. This is what I did with the pieces left over. I have found that it is the perfect size for a lap quilt at my desk, so it is getting a lot of use.

My second entry was my Triadic Tree of Life.

Triadic Tree – Original Design 2020

While this is not screaming “modern”, I thought the colors brought it up. Again, I’m not upset it didn’t get selected. I didn’t think it really fit the esthetic of QuiltCon.

My third quilt was From Every Direction.

From Every Direction – Original 2020

This is my coronavirus quilt. I made it as part of a challenge from my local quilt store, Capital Quilts. They sent small amounts of fabric to people who accepted the challenge and we needed to make a quilt reflecting on coronavirus using the fabric. The twist was that each quilter got a different fabric. I was sent the orange and yellow print at the top and bottom of the back. I only used materials I had at home, with the exception of that print.

I am sad this one was not accepted. It may not be technically difficult, but it is striking visually and to me it has come to represent the chaos of information about COVID-19.

My fourth submission was AnteMeridiem again. I had heard from other quilters that a rejection to QuiltCon did not mean it was not a modern quilt or that it was not good, just that they did not want it for that show. So I tried again. I took new photos with better lighting. I included pictures of the back, corners and details, as requested.

Ante Meridiem 2019 back
Ante Meridiem 2019 corners
Ante Meridiem 2019 detail
Ante Meridiem 2019 detail

This quilt is very personally meaningful. Changes in the color of the sky from midnight until noon were the inspiration for this quilt. Each strip represents 15 minutes, and each quilting line represents five minutes. The time of nautical, astronomical and civil dawn and of sunrise varies with the time of year and the latitude. I researched the times based on the latitude of Madison, Wisconsin on June 18, 1981, which is where and when my husband and I began our romantic relationship.

Amazingly, this year, Ante Meridiem was accepted and will be displayed in QuiltCon 2021!

This is a huge step for me – it will be the first time I have a quilt displayed in a juried show. I am really excited, and humbled. I don’t think my work is “good enough” to be in a show. I see all the flaws, corners that don’t match and things I would do differently. I was sure the holes in the corner from the push pins I used to display this quilt would keep it from being considered. But I am glad that someone sees something interesting in my quilt. I am looking forward to QuiltCon Together in February. I will let you know how it goes.

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